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HX Series Twin-screw extruder

Highly efficient extruder for aqua feed, food, pet food and raw material treatment, especially sticky formulations.

Easy operation

PLC and touch screen for convenient control; by-pass provided for avoiding blockage; easy operation, precise and reliable.

High efficiency

Optimal chamber groove and screw flight profiles, minimum SME input; efficient DDC conditioner and jacketed barrel with stabilized and facilitated extrusion, maximum energy utilization; unique suspending cutter, adjustment without down time.

More flexibility

Modularized barrel and screw structure with many add-ons, adaptable to varied high-fat or -moisture formulations; controllable temperature, pressure and density, minimizing reconfiguration acquired.

Main parameters£º

Model HX90x2-I HX120x2-I HX150x2-I
Screw diameter 100 132 166
L/D 20:1 16:1/20:1 16:1
Capacity(T/h) 2.0-3.5 5.2-8.0 8.0-14.0
Power(Kw) 110/132 160/200 315/355/400
Conditioner power(Kw) 15 18.5+7.5 11+22
Feeder power(Kw) 1.5 1.5/2.2/3.0 3.0/4.0

Remarks: I is the code for aquafeed production