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Extruder series

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Series single-screw extruder

High-efficient extruder for aquafeed, food, pet food and raw material treatment.

Simple operation

Leading extrusion technology and intelligent control; by-pass for avoiding blockage; simple operation, precise and reliable.

High efficiency

DDC conditioner and optimal modular extruder screw & chamber, minimum Specific Mechanical Energy (SME) input; recoverable thermal energy, maximum energy utilization; unique suspending cutter, replacement and adjustment without downtime.

Wide production range

Controllable temperature, pressure and density thanks to modularized design and many add-ons, minimizing reconfiguration acquired.

Satisfying product quality

Uniform extruded pellets with high fat absorption, unique visual appearance, environmental friendly and sustainable.

Main parameters£º

Model HX135C HX165E HX215 HX215 HX265
Screw diameter 135 165 215 215 265
Capacity(T/h) Floating fish food 2-2.5 4.5-5 8-10 9-11 12-16
Petfood 2-2.5 4.5-5 8-10 9-11 12-16
Sinking fish feed 1.2-1.5 1.5-3.0 2.5-5.5 3-6 6.5-8.5
Power(Kw) 90/110 160 250 315 400