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Automatic sampler

To feed factory production of feed quality control and product development, in feed production samples of pellet can timing  or regulated, sampling tests, so as to track and monitor the quality of feed in the whole production process, establish the production data of the whole process, to ensure the production of high quality feed.          

Product performance characteristics:          

-Humanized design, for easy operation.          

-Use of feeding CNC design, so the failure rate is very low          

-Equipment timing sampling to avoid manual operation          

-Each sample is stored separately to avoid material crossing          

-Automatic sampling time for each sampling          

-Reduction of manpower, energy conservation and environmental protection          

-The number of samples per batch can be customized          

-Language switching          

Advantages of electronic control design          

1. Touch screen man-machine interface design, one button operation          

2.PLC+ servo control, stable and reliable performance.          

3.Self diagnosis, fault alarm function          

4.Flexible design of the system, according to customer requirements modified upgrade.

Main parameters£º

Model Individual sample Sample No (Batch) Power Weight(Kg)
AUSP-18 200g 18 900W 50Kg
AUSP-Z - - - -