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Automatic oiling machine

The core pump units are imported from germany. Extreme pressure grease, General purpose grease for food grade. Light, strong, reliable and easy to maintain. Many models can satisfy your requests and application needs. Working pressure up to 250bar, each outlet has a safety pressure gauge for protection. Automatic overpressure warning device. Automatic low pressure alarm device. Save fuel, protect the environment, safe and stable. According to the circumstances use, you can use the electric heating device fuel tank. Applicable scope and technical parameters: automatic oiling machine for granulating equipment in feed processing and development, the lubrication pump is widely used in feed processing equipment, machinery and equipment can also be applied to other automatic lubrication. Can only control the simulation screen system, alarm and other functions, ensure the equipment according to the needs of quantitative lubrication, greatly reduce the pollution of feed quality caused by the overflow of oil and waste, and ensure the safe operation of equipment, improve the service life of rotating parts. Many domestic manufacturers of feed production by data show that the granulating machine adopts automatic oiling machine than the original manual lubrication, reduce labor costs at 20%, improve 50% more the service life of bearings, and greatly saves the oil consumption, oil costs only, can save about USD 166,667.00 per year.

Main parameters£º

Model Lubrication point Oil pressure (MPa) Oil supply (ml/moouth/min) Volume (L) Motor power(KW) Be careful
HX-003 3 32 5 10L 0.37  
HX-004 4 32 5 10L 0.37  
HX-0Z - 32 5 10L 0.37