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Improve the innovation ability of agricultural science and technology and perfect the agricultural innovation ecosystem


The sustained development of a country or industry requires not only innovation but also a positive ecological system of innovation. At present, there are many diseases in agricultural development, in the final analysis, because of the limited ability of agricultural science and technology innovation in China, the agricultural innovation ecosystem needs to be improved. Further improving the agricultural innovation ecological system is of great significance to improve the agricultural scientific and technological innovation capability, strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of the agricultural industry and narrow the gap between the developed countries. In this regard, we should optimize the agricultural innovation ecological chain, improve the innovation system of open cooperation, encourage small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises technological innovation, improve the new occupation farmer innovation ability, and ecological agriculture construction and improve innovation.

Optimize the ecological chain of agricultural innovation

There are two innovative eco chains in agricultural innovation ecosystem - industrial chain and technological innovation chain, and scientific and technological innovation determines the vitality of these two innovative ecological chains. Especially at present, the era of big data requires people to change and the nature of information between the communication mode, the traditional "from data to information to the thinking path of transformation of knowledge and wisdom" to "directly to the value from the data, science and technology innovation is greatly enhanced, the" wisdom of Agriculture "and other new things came into being. At this stage, the "smart agriculture" and its scientific and technological innovation achievements in the United States, Netherlands, France and other agricultural developed countries have high levels of use, and has formed an innovative ecological chain.

In China, the innovation ecological chain centered on Agricultural Internet of things technology is still under construction. Since 2010, the national development and Reform Commission has launched a number of Agricultural Internet of things projects. For example, in wheat and other staple food industry on the use of networking technology, the intelligent accurate feeding system of livestock farming, etc., has become China crop animal husbandry is an important path to industry and international standards. Again, many provinces and cities have begun to develop and apply agricultural Internet of things technology, build agricultural Internet of things cloud platform, in flowers, planting and other fields of application of Internet of things technology. The future, we should further encourage scientific research institutes, universities, agricultural leading enterprises and telecom operators, information technology enterprises and other social forces to participate in agricultural IOT projects, research on wireless sensor network technology field production, horticulture, livestock and poultry aquaculture fields and application products focus on promoting agricultural innovation and establish multi-level ecological chain, and optimize.