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"The Belt and Road" China agriculture will have a brilliant future


"The Belt and Road forum being held in Beijing, in order to build consensus and promote cooperation, will Chinese forum theme is set to strengthen international cooperation, to build a" The Belt and Road ", to achieve win-win development".

In yesterdays "The Belt and Road" international cooperation forum opening ceremony, reporters heard a keynote speech by President Xi Jinping at the venue. In the speech delivered by President Xi Jinping, what are the relevant contents of the interests of the peasants? With the development of The Belt and Road ", farmers can benefit from what?

"The Belt and Road" opportunities for tourism development

In a keynote speech at yesterday opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping mentioned, "in the future, in the field of culture, sports and health, we should innovate in cooperation and promote pragmatic projects.". We should make good use of historical and cultural heritage to jointly build tourism products and heritage protection with the characteristics of the silk road."

According to the National Tourism Bureau, "13th Five-Year", "China will The Belt and Road countries along the transport 150 million passengers Chinese visitors and more than $200 billion in tourism consumption, will also attract countries along the 85 million people in China tourism, tourism consumption of about $110 billion.

The country also opened the "The Belt and Road" tourism, such as the introduction of Jilin Province Eastern Green Transformation Development Area Planning, active integration The Belt and Road "planning; Qinghai lake, Qinghai Lake riding accommodation, feel the desert sunrise and sunset, across the northwest and unmanned area characteristic experience. 14, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet after the opening ceremony of the high level plenary meeting on the statement mentioned, hope that through the "The Belt and Road" construction, to better achieve the opening of the market, promote the development of trade and tourism.

The radiation capacity of tourism is huge, and features, tours and farm trips are believed to be ways of attracting tourists and bringing income to farmers.

With the help of "The Belt and Road" agriculture will have a brilliant future

President Xi Jinping said in a statement, "we need to practice the concept of new green development, green, low-carbon, recycling, sustainable production and life style, strengthen environmental protection cooperation, the construction of ecological civilization, to achieve the goal of sustainable development in 2030".

China Academy of science and Technology Strategy Consulting Research Institute president pan Jiaofeng has pointed out, "the area along The Belt and Road" sustainable agriculture is very prominent, the existence of hidden dangers of food security, agriculture accounts for 8.7% of GDP, but it consumes 79.6% of the water resources. Therefore, many new agricultural technologies and products have been favored by the countries along the line. In Tajikistan, cotton grown with cotton seeds in Henan amounts to 57 thousand hectares, accounting for 30% of the country cotton acreage. According to the China Embassy in Burundi chief counsellor Sun Jian introduction, rice varieties from China has the characteristics of stable and high yield, can help Burundi to complete the food gap, and to solve the agricultural problem in some degree. The 14 day, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Haier Mariam at the opening ceremony of the high level plenary meeting said, willing to initiative within the framework of trade, investment, production, infrastructure construction and other areas and China actively carry out more extensive cooperation and development of its development potential.

In addition to China agricultural opportunities to go abroad, foreign new technologies will be more convenient to benefit domestic farmers friends. For example, the Swiss ambassador to China Dai Shangxian said that Switzerland experience and expertise in agriculture can also well meet the needs of China new growing career farmers. With the help of "The Belt and Road" countries in the aspects of science and technology cooperation, believe the new achievements and technology will be the birth of more benefit at home and abroad.